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Help Save Animals,1999:blog-55769952007-04-14T02:59:13.207-07:00Inside AdSense, have had a lot of questions about Google's announcement of our plans to purchase DoubleClick. Our goal is, as always, to improve the relevancy and efficiency of online advertising. This acquisition is a big win for you, our publishers, as well as for advertisers and Internet users.

Inside AdSense Team, you have an AdSense account in one of these countries and territories, we encourage you to sign up for payments by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). We're working to expand our EFT support, so if payments by EFT aren't currently available for your location, know that we appreciate your patience in the meantime.

If you're new to EFT payments, signing up is easy: in the Payment Details section of the My Account tab, click 'edit' to enter your bank account information, then verify a test deposit we'll make to your bank account. Once your account is verified, you can begin receiving payments more quickly and securely. If you'd like more detailed instructions on signing up, you can find them here.

Inside AdSense Team,

What do you do when you're not working?

Not working? I'm not sure I understand the question... Just kidding--I don't work that much. I'm usually playing guitar with my rock band, the Swamees, or my heavy-metal side project, the Gibbous Moon. (I've been assured that shamelessly self-promoting my band website is okay, though I guess I could be more discrete and rely strictly on the power of suggestion.)

When I'm not rocking out, I like riding my motorcycle, chillin' with the homies, and BBQ'ing. Oh yeah, and camping is just about the greatest thing ever--especially if it involves BBQs, guitars, and motorcycles.

When is EFT going to become available for more countries?

We recently launched EFT in a number of countries and are working to expand even further in 2006. We're also exploring alternatives for locations where EFT isn't a viable option.

One common misconception is that EFT simply involves linking our bank account to yours. Unfortunately, it's not quite that easy. To provide EFT, we not only have to gain access to closed or heavily regulated bank networks, but we must also comply with local tax and commerce regulations. As a result, linking our bank account to yours is not as straightforward as it seems.

What are your top tips for publishers?

1. Sign up for EFT if it's available in your country. EFT can help non-US publishers avoid paying bank fees, and it's more reliable than snail mail.

2. Make updates to your account information by the 15th day of the month. We start processing payments around the 15th, and changes to your address, hold status, or form of payment made after that date won't take effect until the following month.

3. Reduce banking fees by placing a self-hold on your account. If you're outside the US and receive USD checks, you can let your earnings accrue and then receive larger checks less frequently.

4. Make sure your mailing address is correct. PINs and checks will not arrive if your address is wrong.

5. Don't wait for help. Find answers without emailing us by checking out our Payments Guide, video demo, and AdSense Help Group.

6. Patience is a virtue. PINs and checks are sent by snail mail, which can be unpredictable in some countries. While they can get lost and damaged in transit, more often the mail is just slow.

Remember, once we've stopped a check the process can't be reversed. I can't tell you how many times a publisher requests a reissue and then receives the original check the next day. If your check is reissued, you won't receive your earnings for an additional month--so it's in your best interests to be patient!

What are your favorite websites?

Wow, this is probably the toughest question. Here are five of my favorites: – This site simply rules. – Pure genius. – I compulsively search for stuff to buy, sell, and trade--especially guitar equipment, concert tickets, and motorcycle parts. – Discover all the bands you never knew you liked. – Increasing in importance on a daily basis.

Inside AdSense Team, promised, we've introduced EFT in several new countries. Publishers located in New Zealand, Australia, Norway, and Poland can now have AdSense payments sent directly to their bank accounts while avoiding postal delays and check processing fees. If you need assistance signing up for EFT in one of these countries, please visit our Help Center.

Inside AdSense Team, month we experienced a posting delay that might keep some payment information from appearing in your account immediately. While all payments have been sent out as usual, the 'Payment...' line might take some extra time to show up on the Payment History page of your account under the My Account tab.

Additionally, if you recently signed up to receive payments by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), or added a new bank account for EFT deposits, it may take a few extra days after you've received your test deposit before you can verify your bank account.

We expect to have the issue resolved by the end of this week. Thank you for your patience and, again, don't worry--AdSense payments went out as usual!

Inside AdSense Team

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